Flash Mob marriage proposal in Napoli

03 novembre 2015 / By Ivan L'Astorina

Vincenzo is a dear friend and one evening he called me because he had to talk about something, and I asked him jokingly if they were to marry. He replied: “not really … I have to ask my girlfriend to marry me but I have to do with a flash mob.”


I was excited because it was the first time. Despite my experience in bed, when I found the place I began to tremble, without knowing the real reason; maybe it was the tension, maybe because I did not have and did not want to make mistakes, or maybe I was just excited because I was going on a wonderful thing, one of those things that you did not think that live was so beautiful .. why can not deny that sometimes I have on social I have seen a few videos like and I always remarked, “What I’d like to one day be able to turn one!”.

Everything was perfect: the sun, the time, the people close to the bride and groom .. and in my opinion, there is no better location in the seafront of our beautiful Naples, where you can feel love all day. ”

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